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Den 28 augusti visades "Detention" på UK Frightfest, och några kritiker som sett filmen har nu recenserat den för att säga vad de tyckte. Och alla tre källorna ger riktigt bra betyg!

Jordan's FrightFest 2011 top 5: "Detention" review

Number 3:
To say I enjoyed "Detention" would be an understatement; the film was the surprise of the festival for me. Lagging after 3 days watching movies I was starting to slouch back in my seat about to let tiredness take over but then an opening scene with forth wall breaking, pop culture references, on screen flying graphics and some pretty nice gore woke me the hell back up.

There is a unique energy to this film, like an ADHD child bored in class who can never let his mind rest. The camera's always moving someone's always talking, it's constant and it's in your face. The script is quick, witty, smart and knows its audience so well that it's a tad scary. Normally I would want a movie such as this to take a breather or at least let your eyes have a break for a few minutes but with this film that feeling never came, it was 0-100mph from the start and stayed there for the entire runtime. Joseph Kahn and Mark Palermo have obviously made a film full of passion and wrote a script that would showcase the camerawork Kahn has perfected over the years as a music video and commercial director. Unlike other music video directors who have struggled with the style changes to feature films, it's noticeable that Kahn in his comfort zone with this hyper slick style. It feels like the work of a very confident director.


The inclusion of Hutcherson on the other hand is excellent for two reasons, one he's great in the movie, two he's blowing up right now and becoming the hot new actor of the day which means that this film will get to be seen by a lot more people.

Fortsätt läsa [länk].

FrightFest 2011: "Detention" review

"Detention" begins at it means to go on with a highly stylised, pop culture referencing and almost impossibly kinetic opening that introduces us to the town of Grizzly Lake, its high school and the students that go there. The effect of this opening is that your mind races to match the speed of the delivery and digest everything as it flies past. What is perhaps most satisfying about the way Kahn and Palermo deliver information in "Detention" though is that it all makes sense, surprisingly so.


A time travelling bear, a serial killer slasher, a boy who is part fly and the end of the world all come into play in what is a ludicrously dense script filled with more complexity than the shallow surface of referential fun may suggest. This is the film's greatest strength; the speed of delivery, mixed with banal reference points and an absurdist attitude to plotting all provide a delivery method for what is an oddly sweet story about a teenager navigating the horribly trite modern world we live in. The characters are clearly confused, they struggle with their identity and they are incessantly obsessed with how they appear to others. "Detention" is a film that seems to capture pretty accurately the way a lot of teenagers are almost certainly feeling, packaging it in a way that is relevant to teenagers now.

Fortsätt läsa [länk].

FrightFest day 4: "Detention" review

The plot is so expansive and bizarre it would take close to the film's runtime to accurately unpick it all, but essentially follows a group of weird teens at Grizzly Lake High School (none of whom accurately fit common archetypes) including a 90's obsessed cheerleader, a misanthropic vegetarian, an aggressive Canadian and 'the token black guy' who is, in his own words "just boring".


The core cast is spectacular and probably shaved years off their lives with the level of enthusiasm and excitement they uniformly pour into their roles. Not a poor player among them (even Dane Cook as the principal is on top-form), it is exhausting to watch. From the moment we are introduced to the school bitch (the text on screen that she draws our attention to tells us she is) we are forced to hit the ground running. Given a quick schooling in how to be cool (and a deft rundown of why we are so not) she is quickly dispatched by the film's killer and there is not a single moment of pause from then until the film's end. There may never have been a mainstream film with so fast a pace and may be difficult for some viewers to keep up. This will inevitably alienate some audiences, but the film is an experience and a challenge that is worth the effort.

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"Detention" (2011)

Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook, Spencer Locke, Parker Bagley
Directed by: Joseph Kahn

I didn't want to like "Detention". The trailer smacks of teen hipster cool, that particular teeny-bopper brand in which 17-year-olds listen to post-Police Sting and Kris Kross for maximum irony, wear ridiculous wraparound sunglasses like little 90's era Miles Davises, and say things like "Don't have a cow man" (Did anyone else miss the memo that Bart Simpson is now retro?). I want to run those kids over in real life so why would I want to sit through 88 minutes of them on screen? Ultimately, though, Joseph Kahn's riotously zany film won me over with its infectious mash-up of horror, science fiction and teen comedy.

"Detention"'s plot is filled with impossibly wacky details, plot, characters and scenarios, but it superficially tells the story of a group of friends who set out to stop a serial killer stalking their high school and who end up having to time travel to prevent the end of the world. Along the way we are introduced to the juiced out jock who has fly blood and whose father forces him to wear a television on his hand to hide his abnormality (!), the school mascot, a huge stuffed grizzly bear who was abducted from his home, Planet Starclaw, and whose insides are retrofitted into a time machine by aliens (!), and the ageless student stuck in Detention for 19 years who passes time in purgatory by solving an equation predicting the end of the universe (!).

Läs hela recenstionen och se vad den fick för betyg [länk].

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