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Fan encounter

Yesterday we got up bright and early and headed to the "Good Morning America" studio in Times Square to see Josh Hutcherson and watch the premiere of "The Hunger Games" trailer up on their jumbotron. It was totally worth it, too! Josh showed up early enough to take plenty of time for pictures and autographs with the group of fans who were waiting for him, and I was the first one to get a picture! (You can see video here!) He was a bit shorter in person than I imagined, but he was very cute and sweet which was really nice. I hope he stays that way once "The Hunger Games" blows up, because he seems to be a really genuine person and I think that he will make a lot of fans happy come press and promo time next year. Lionsgate people were there and they also gave us Katniss posters and Mockingjay pins!

After we met Josh while he was arriving we headed into the Times Square pedestrian plaza under the jumbotron that they had set up for the trailer reveal and waited. Once they brought Josh out they put the flaming Mockingjay symbol up on the screen and we all went nuts! Somewhere there is video of us freaking out over every second of the trailer – squealing over Katniss and Gale in the woods, sobbing over Katniss volunteering for Prim, dying for Effie, the Capitol, the arena. Rue. Cinna. It was completely overwhelming and I have seen the trailer so many times in the past 24 hours and I still get just as excited and overwhelmed. March cannot come fast enough! If you live under some sort of heavy rock and have not seen "The Hunger Games" trailer, click here immediately.

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Fan encounter via HungerGamesDWTC

My husband, David and I decided to go prepared. He painted a super awesome sign, and I crocheted a scarf for Josh.

We arrived at "GMA" studios in Times Square at about 6:25 - the crowd was pretty small, but there were some other die hard "Hunger Games" fans in attendance. Lionsgate reps showed up around 7:00, and handed out Mockingjay pins and posters to everyone there. A lot of the audience was unfamiliar with the movie, so I fielded a lot of impromptu questions.

At 8:00 we were moved from the main "GMA" audience corral to the outside segment spot. I was right up against the barrier, and made it on TV a couple times!

Josh came out at 8:30, and we were so distracted, that we missed the trailer completely (we also had no audio feed where we were). Josh spoke with the hosts, and then did a segment where he donated a coat. They had a "stock" coat for him to put in the box, but he insisted on donating the coat he wore to "GMA".

After they finished with "The Hunger Games" segments, Josh stayed and signed ALL THE AUTOGRAPHS. When he made it over to me, I was able to give him the scarf (he wore it the rest of the time he was outsie), and get him to sign some autographs! When I told him I was from "DWTC", he said he remembered meeting a couple of 'super sweet' ladies in North Carolina over the summer - our own Mary and Flo!

As if the trailer wasn't proof enough, Josh is Peeta. He was so nice and humble and down to Earth, and was genuinely excited to meet and speak with fans of the series.

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Fanet Macy har delat med sig till HungerGamesDWTC av när hon träffade på Josh inne på Urban Outfitters i Los Angeles.

Fan Encounter

[I] went up to him and I said, "I'm sorry, but are you Josh Hutcherson?" and he said "Yeah, I am" and I seriously freaked out. Out of the million things running through my mind I just said "I love you!" and he sort of laughed and shook my hand and asked my name. We were talking a little and I said "I am obsessed with 'The Hunger Games"!" He told me that he just watched a clip of it and he is excited and knows that I am going to love it.

I said "My sister is going to die when she hears I met you!" and he says "Oh no, I don't want to be the cause of anyones death!" It was so funny. I was trying so hard to hold it together and be calm and cool but it was so hard! I got a picture with him too. He is honestly so nice and funny and cool and exactly like Peeta. I really wanted to tell him so many things and Peeta is my favorite character but my brain stopped working and my hands were shaking it was insane. It was just so unexpected! The craziest part was that no one else in the store recognized him. I asked the cashier if she knew who that was and she looked at me like I was crazy. But in a year from now, she will most definitely know who he is!

I seriously adore him and he was so sweet. Peeta is my favorite character. I admire him for his strength and my heart just sort of breaks for him throughout all the books. I know Josh is going to be fantastic in the role.

I almost didn't go shopping that day. I almost didn't go into that store. I almost didn't look over my shoulder and happen to see him. It was all a crazy coincidence and I still cant believe it. I admire him so much as an actor and a person. Seeing young adults following their dreams and succeeding has really pushed me to follow mine to become a director or cinematographer and maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll get to work with him!


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Amie som bloggar på HGgirlonfire sprang på Josh på en liten stand-up show i Hollywood, Los Angeles igår. Läs hennes fan encounter nedan.

Fan Encounter

It’s the most random thing. It was My friends bday last night and she likes comedy so we took her to a 5$ ticket small stand up show at The Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood. Im being ushered into the room to my seat, and no mistaking, I know his face anywhere, I see him in the second row, a foot away from me, grey fedora, grey Tshirt, leaning forward lookin at the stage. It was like. 50 person theater. Super small. Then he got up to use the restroom halfway through and I confirmed it cause I got a good look at him. Then when we were exiting, there were 2 exits that lead to one hallway. I think god was lookin out for me, because him and I exited out different ways but met in the hallway, he was a gentlemen and let me go first into the hallway, he walked behind me the whole time an I was so nervous and freaking out I ran into a trash can and he bumped into me. I said sorry but I couldn’t look him in the eye. And I didn’t wait to hear him say anything back I was freaking out. Then once the hallway led us out of the theater, he and his 2 buddies literally b lined it away. He was gone so fast, and had put on the same black leather jacket he wore to the vogue party!! AHHHHHHH! Seriously what are the chances!

No autographs or photos were taken, but we thought we’d share.

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Fanet Robbie har delat med sig av sin upplevelse som statist på "The Hunger Games"-inspelningen på sin Tumblr [länk]. Han avslöjar inte mycket detaljer, men förklarar bland annat hur perfekta Josh, Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss] och Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] är i sina roller.

Here is my full experience from "The Hunger Games" set!

Note: I will not be giving specific details about the set or costumes. Nothing spoilery for fear that I could probably get shot by someone from Lionsgate. I feel like they're watching every extras moves.

Okay I got to be in a few different scenes. First day was incredible. I got to meet with Jennifer for a good 10 minutes and then that was basically the only time she ever got a break. Girl is working her ass off on this film. She is incredibly nice. Very hyper personality though, hahaha. It was so incredible to watch her go from being this hyper child and then when Gary would call action she just transformed into Katniss 110%. A couple of times I almost missed what I was supposed to do because I was just so transfixed into watching her play Katniss. The doubters and the naysayers about her casting will all be completely quiet by the time this film comes out. She is that incredible and that amazing. She is going to have a very beautiful career. Our fandom is so lucky to have her as our lead.

Okay about Josh. Absolutely hilarious. I met him the day before I got casted as an extra and he was so awesome. But seeing him work and just hearing him talk as Peeta. You guys, that kid is Peeta. Like you have no idea. Him and Jennifer are incredible together. The two of them just completely bring these characters to life. Josh is also incredible at acting. These kids were all just amazing to watch. You'd see him and Jen just goofing off before they call action and then action is called and they just transform into these incredible actors. I cannot stress enough at how amazingly lucky we are to have such amazing actors working on this film! The acting department on this film is definitely covered.

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The Hob Orgs läsare Maggie hade turen att få träffa på Josh igår på Knight Theatre där de spelade in Peetas och Katniss intervjuer med Caesar Flickerman. Läs mer under bilden.

Från TheHobOrg:

All along the Knight Theater there were trucks for the shoot. We could not get into the theater so we bought tickets to the Bechler Museum that is attached to the theater. This gave us a view into the foyer where we saw the make-up artists preparing the extras to go on set. The costumes for the Capitol citizens are crazy! After the museum closed we went to another museum next to the theater that had a glass window open to the front entrance of the Knight Theater.

When we were looking down from the window we saw Josh Hutcherson and he turned around and waved at us. Since we are dedicated fans we walked down and tried to meet him in person but a production member asked us to leave. When we turned to go, one of the crew members came after us and asked if we would like to meet him in person. Then Josh Hutcherson came over to us and started up a conversation. He was very kind and personable. His hair is very blonde, even more so in person then in the pictures from Entertainment Weekly. He said that at that moment Jennifer was inside the theater filming her interview scene. Then he autographed our books and hugged us goodbye. We then went away so star struck from meeting Josh that we didn't even notice that we walked by Lenny Kravitz. Only after the fact did someone point out to us that we had just came within feet of Lenny.


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Mary och Flo som hjälper till och driver fansidan HungerGamesDWTC åkte till Asheville i North Carolina för att kolla in platser som filmen har spelats in på. Men redan första dagen de är där träffar de på Josh som de pratade med i några minuter, och de fick autografer men tyvärr fick han inte ta bilder med dem. Nedan kan ni läsa vad de skrivit om mötet.

Josh berättade bland annat att de kommer att fota en session till Entertainment Weekly med männen från "The Hunger Games" men han var inte säker på när den skulle komma ut. Dagen innan de träffade på honom hade han haft en jättelång inspelningsdag, men han har haft jättekul med filmningen och tror att filmen kommer att bli toppen. Han pratade även lite om "Red Dawn". Läs mer under bilderna.

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This past weekend two of our amazing staffers, Flo and Mary took a journey to District 12 in Panem. Well Hollywood's version of it anyway. After a few bumps along the way (traffic jams, rainstorms, running to make a connection, delayed flights, etc) they finally met up in Asheville, NC, for what will surely be ranked as one of their top weekends ever.

Their plan was simple, see the sites, and maybe just maybe get the chance to meet one of the stars of the film. Well it didn't take long for maybe to become reality. As Mary says, they began Saturday with a BANG, by meeting none other than Peeta himself, Josh Hutcherson.

The ladies were able to speak with him for a few moments, and get autographs, but sadly he was not allowed to take pictures with them. Our theory is they are working hard to keep that "sandy blonde" hair under wraps for a bit longer, til they are ready to release official pictures of him in character. And when might that be you ask? Well Josh told Mary and Flo that they will be doing an Entertainment Weekly featuring the men of "The Hunger Games", though he wasn't sure when that might be coming out.

The ladies chatted with him about the film and Josh told them he thinks "The Hunger Games" is going to be great and that he is having a lot of fun filming, in fact he had a very long shoot the day before. We know that Levin Rambin [Glimmer] tweeted [länk] about working an 18 hour day on Friday, so it could be possible Josh was filming with her and some of the other tributes as well. Perhaps even the scenes with Peeta as part of the Career alliance? That's just a theory, but it does seem to fit the facts. He also explained that Jennifer was filming some scenes that day.

Josh also talked briefly about his film "Red Dawn", and said it should be out sometime next year. We'll be keeping an eye out for information on that and we'll update you when we learn more.

Now, we loved all of the conversation with Josh, but one particular part made all of our staff very giddy, and that is he has visted our site! When Mary and Flo introduced themselves to Josh, they explained they were from of Down With the Capitol and he told them that he knows our site and in fact he and his mom visit often! So, if you are reading this, Hello and thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with Mary and Flo!

The ladies want everyone to know that Josh is very sweet and very kind, very Peetaesque! In many of their messages to the rest of the staff they couldn't stress enough how much he is Peeta.

Now, that wasn't the end to their adventures for the weekend, but what a way to begin!

The ladies saw a tweet from Amandla [Rue] that included a photo of some beautiful hills [länk] and they thought they might know where the filming was taking place. So, they took a little drive and in fact did find the right spot; however, they were stopped by guards and could not really see anything. The guards did confirm that scenes were being shot for "The Hunger Games" in that location though. Below [ovan] is a photo of the area, where they were filming. Now, that brings us to another theory, Jennifer was shooting scenes that day, per Josh, and we believe Amandla was tweeting from the set, so it seems like they were shooting a Katniss and Rue scene. Since Amandla's tweet mentioned that "the hills were alive with the sound of music," could it be that time? *sniff*

On Sunday. the ladies headed out to Hildebran to see the Henry River Mill Village, where many of the District 12 scenes were shot, including exteriors of the Mellark Bakery and Katniss' house. Both said that it was very beautiful and felt like District 12 should. After that, they headed to Shelby to see the location where filming took place and found that there nothing was left, even the District 12 that was painted on the building was now gone.

All in all Flo and Mary had a wonderful time in North Carolina, and the unexpected "icing on the cake" was meeting Josh Hutcherson.

And yes, the rest of the staff is officially jealous of them, but so happy they had the opportunity to take this trip and meet "Peeta".