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Under tiden som bloggen låg nere för ett par dagar sedan vad det flera intervjuer som det var meningen att jag skulle lägga upp. Jag länkade till dem på twitter men la aldrig upp dem här, så här är de fyra intervjuerna.

Josh Hutcherson gets hungry

Josh Hutcherson on what appealed to him about the character of Peeta.
I never read a character I related to more, honestly. He has this idea that no matter what situation you're in and where you are, you have to stay true to yourself and the values you stand by. That's pretty much the moral I live my life by.

On preparing for "The Hunger Games" fandom.
It's hard. I don't know if anyone can prepare for that kind of thing. I've never been part of a project that had so much anticipation surrounding it before we even started filming. It brings added pressure, but at the same time it makes you strive to work better and harder. I think we've done a really good job on the film and I hope people like it, especially the fans. In fact, I know they will.

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We chat one on one with Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson about all things fun & mysterious

Lovely to see you again after the excitement of yesterday's red carpet! It was pretty crazy, how did that feel?
It was pretty out there! It was exciting to see so many people who had come out to support the movie and screaming and being excited, it was cool!

Girls made posters and I think you even got a marriage proposal, I was waiting for you to get down on bended knee!
Yeah I got proposed too which was a first for me, which was exciting, I respectfully declined, at this point in my life a wife is too much for me to handle.

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