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Tidigare [länk] la jag upp ett utdrag från Total Film's kommande intervju med Josh, och nu har hela intervjun med scans kommit ut. Läs den nedan eller klicka på bilderna ovan.

Total Film Magazine

Was it odd coming back to Journey... without Brendan Fraser?
It was a little weird. To me it doesn't feel like it's the same movie. It's a different adventure with a different cast and in a different place.

What was the scariest stunt you had to do?
I'm a producer's worst nightmare because I'm always trying to do my own stunts. But I've played sports all my life and I work out so I was physically ready for anything.

Any injuries?
Yeah, I was flying on top of a giant bumblebee and I fell off and rolled my ankle severely. It was pretty gnarly.

Next up is "The Hunger Games". How gruelling was the audition process?
Mentally it was tough because I'd never connected with a character more than I did with Peeta. I felt he was so much like who I am as a person that I was like, "If I dont get it, I won't understand." It drove me crazy.

If it becomes the new "Twilight", are you prepared?
I'm terrified of what my life could become. As an actor, everyone hopes one day to be that well known but at the same time to be thrust into it instantaneously is overwhelming. If it does happen, I'll be grateful and terrified at the same time.

Apart from your recent co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lawrence, which actress would you most like to get jiggy with on screen?
Eva Mendes. I know she's 10 years older than me but a guy can dream! It's the movies, anything's possible!


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