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Panem October är en fangjord hemsida om "The Hunger Games" och Panem. Det har länge spekulerats kring vad hemsidan innebär och vad som egentligen kommer att hända i oktober. Men nu har "Rowan the Gamemaker" brytit tystnaden och pratar med Movies om vad som egentligen pågår.

Dessutom, bli vän med Peeta [länk] och Katniss [länk]!

"The Hunger Games" countdown: Panem October is coming!

You asked for more and you're getting it. Panem October is back and gearing up for the official launch. With the October 1st start date fast approaching, the elusive Head Gamemaker, Rowan, agreed to take part in an interview. This is absolutely unprecedented because as cryptic as he is, we got into the details of the conception of Panem October, the situation with Lionsgate, what's to come and so much more. Brace yourselves because Panem October is finally coming and there's a little something you'll need to do to ensure you're prepared.

What made you decide to start Panem October? Was there something specific that triggered the idea?
Alternate-reality games have always been an interest to me and the minute I read "The Hunger Games" trilogy, I knew I had to turn the passion into something amazing for the fans.

How'd you handle it from there? Do you have experience working on these types of projects?
I helped start a small-scale ARG for a different fandom (of which I won't mention for fear of revealing my identity). Getting to know how fans react to various types of material and ways of releasing it has given me an amazing inside look at how viral campaigns truly reach fans and what gets them the most excited.

Were there any concerns at the start in terms of Lionsgate stepping in?
I actually approached Lionsgate's marketing team before our original website went live back in April, and pitched to them the idea and requested that we work together to create something incredible for the fans. Days turned into weeks and I guess it just wasn't in the cards for Lionsgate to be involved. We launched the website shortly after realizing there would be no working relationship and decided to be 100% powered by fan volunteers.

Fortsätt läsa [länk].

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