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Fanet Robbie har delat med sig av sin upplevelse som statist på "The Hunger Games"-inspelningen på sin Tumblr [länk]. Han avslöjar inte mycket detaljer, men förklarar bland annat hur perfekta Josh, Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss] och Woody Harrelson [Haymitch] är i sina roller.

Here is my full experience from "The Hunger Games" set!

Note: I will not be giving specific details about the set or costumes. Nothing spoilery for fear that I could probably get shot by someone from Lionsgate. I feel like they're watching every extras moves.

Okay I got to be in a few different scenes. First day was incredible. I got to meet with Jennifer for a good 10 minutes and then that was basically the only time she ever got a break. Girl is working her ass off on this film. She is incredibly nice. Very hyper personality though, hahaha. It was so incredible to watch her go from being this hyper child and then when Gary would call action she just transformed into Katniss 110%. A couple of times I almost missed what I was supposed to do because I was just so transfixed into watching her play Katniss. The doubters and the naysayers about her casting will all be completely quiet by the time this film comes out. She is that incredible and that amazing. She is going to have a very beautiful career. Our fandom is so lucky to have her as our lead.

Okay about Josh. Absolutely hilarious. I met him the day before I got casted as an extra and he was so awesome. But seeing him work and just hearing him talk as Peeta. You guys, that kid is Peeta. Like you have no idea. Him and Jennifer are incredible together. The two of them just completely bring these characters to life. Josh is also incredible at acting. These kids were all just amazing to watch. You'd see him and Jen just goofing off before they call action and then action is called and they just transform into these incredible actors. I cannot stress enough at how amazingly lucky we are to have such amazing actors working on this film! The acting department on this film is definitely covered.

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