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Affiliate [vanligt länkbyte]:
▪ You'll get a small picture link [60x60].

Requirements for Affiliate:
▪ Your blog/website has to be a fansite, no personal blogs are accepted.
▪ Your blog/website has to be updated regularly.
▪ You have to put up a link to Josh Hutcherson News.
▪ When your application has been approved you have 3 days to add the link to Josh Hutcherson News.

Top Affiliate:
▪ You'll get a bigger picture link [122x80].

Requirements for Top Affiliate [in addition to the requirements for regular Affiliate]:
▪ Josh Hutcherson News has to be Top Affiliate on your blog/website as well.
▪ Your blog/website have to have a proper layout and serious posts.
▪ Your posts have to contain sources for the information you publish.

Picture links:
▪ If you use pictures for your links, I'd appreciate it if you could use one of the pictures below. Feel free to change the size and colors.

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Name of your blog/website [ex. Josh Hutcherson News]:



Link to picture to use for the picture link [optional]:

Type of affiliate:

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