Tid: 19:48:00 · Datum: 2011-06-30
Har du missat de två tidigare Twitter-summeringarna, hittar ni dem här [första], [andra]. Har du inte riktigt koll på vem som spelar vem, kolla in karaktärssidan [länk].

Det har blivit lite svårt med datumen eftersom tidszonerna är helt olika, men jag tror att det är fixat nu. Dock kan några tweets ha upprepats, men hoppas det är okej i alla fall. Nu är de på rätt datum åtminstone.

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25 juni:

▪ Ian Nelson: Fantastic day! Tired though... Haha! Loved hanging with my buds today and now for a fun-filled night! Take care and have a safe weekend!

▪ Annie Thurman: [Till Dakota Hood] So Ummm... Are you excited to film!?
▪ Dakota Hood: Like I seriosly can't wait.... you have no idea, lol.
▪ Annie Thurman: Ahh, I know right! It's crazy!

▪ Tara Macken: Epic couple of weeks! Can't wait to do it again.

▪ Tara Macken: North Carolina has the most beautiful sunsets! What a great way to end the day. [Bild 1]
▪ Tara Macken: Just pretty! [Bild 2]
▪ Ian Nelson: Just saw it! See you soon! Thanks for the picture!
▪ Ian Nelson: Yah Tara! It was an honor to observe and learn from your talent! Take care!

▪ Ian Nelson: Just heard about the sweepstakes! [Länk] Who wants to visit set and hang with us? Let me hear it!

▪ Chris Mark: Great to work with awesome people. Ashton Moio, Tara Macken, Leigha Hancock & Jeremy Marinas.
▪ Chris Mark: Lucky to work with such talented people! Isabelle Fuhrman, Leven Rambin, Alexander Ludwig, Jacqueline Emerson, Dayo Okeniyi & Jack Quaid.
▪ Chris Mark: You guys rock! Ian Nelson & Amandla Stenberg.
▪ Ian Nelson: Thanks man! Haha! You too... Take care and see you soon!
▪ Jacqueline Emerson: It was great working with you too Chris! You're so talented!
▪ Dayo Okeniyi: It was great working with you too homie!
▪ Jack Quaid: Dude, you're awesome!

▪ Tara Macken: I heart my friends! Leigha Hancock, Chris Mark, Jeremy Marinas, Isabelle Fuhrman, Ian Nelson, Jacqueline Emerson, Leven Rambin & Dayo Okeniyi.

▪ Tara Macken: [Till Jack Quaid] Too much fun with you! Thank you for teaching me how to play the ninja game!

▪ Jacqueline Emerson: Best night of "enchanted" with Amandla Stenberg (it's gooood).
▪ Amandla Stenberg: Best sleepover ever! Oh Giselle! I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss!

▪ Ian Nelson: Good afternoon everyone! Feeling good today! Looking forward to a great weekend!

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26 juni:

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Sorry Isabelle Fuhrman I couldnt make it. Hope you had fun!
▪ Isabelle Fuhrman: No problem, I missed you though! Next time.
▪ Jeremy Marinas: Sure next time!

▪ Ian Nelson: Born again candy lover by Amandla Stenberg... Cow tails and Charleston Chews!
▪ Amandla Stenberg: I was just introduced to Charleston chews and Cowtails by Ian Nelson. I've been enlightened...
▪ Amandla Stenberg: Wait! Cow TALES. Notice how it's already half eaten.

▪ Tara Macken: [Till Isabelle Fuhrman] Sorry I couldn't make it to your party last night! I will make it up when I get back.

▪ Ian Nelson: Amandla Stenberg takes too many pictures... Haha.

▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Yo! What were yall up too last night?
▪ Jeremy Marinas: The boss threw a little get together for some of the guys... What are you up to tonight?
▪ Dayo Okeniyi: I heard about that. Was meant to be there but got carried away (long night), if you all going out tonight let me know.
▪ Jeremy Marinas: I will message you my number... Hit me up.

▪ Leven Rambin: I'm obviously enjoying myself here. [Bild ovan]

▪ Alexander Ludwig: Just did some zip lining, pretty unreal.
▪ Jacqueline Emerson: Awesome day of ziplining. So much fun!
▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Can't believe I went my whole life without ZIP LINING! That was mad fun today. NC knows how to have fun for real!

27 juni:

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Just had a dinner with Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid. Good Times.

▪ Chris Mark: List of hobbies to get back into: Golf, Fishing, Tennis, Water Skiing, Badminton, Soccer... Need more time.
▪ Jeremy Marinas: How bout staying awake through the day first? Lol, just kidding, bro.
▪ Tara Macken: Go surfing with Matt and I!

▪ Isabelle Fuhrman: Who wants to visit "Clove" on set? [Länk]

▪ Jack Quaid: Jeremy Marinas = The most bad-ass man on the planet.
▪ Jacqueline Emerson: So true!
▪ Jeremy Marinas: Not true... But it sounds nice.

▪ Kalia Prescott: Ashton Moio! Yay! You're my first follower! Miss you!

▪ Amandla Stenberg: Going hiking with Ian Nelson!
▪ Ian Nelson: Hanging with the one and only... Amandla Stenberg!
▪ Ian Nelson: Amandla Stenberg "I'm a class machine!"

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Coming home this weekend for two days! Woo!

28 juni:

▪ Alexander Ludwig: Isabelle Fuhrman, unreal cook.
▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Best steaks man!! Don't know how she does it.

▪ Ian Nelson: What a wonderful day and I am definitely looking forward to some fun stuff tomorrow! Goodnight and everyone take care!

▪ Tara Macken: [Till Jack Quaid] Who the hell interrupted my Kung Fu! You jive turkey.

▪ Tara Macken: Amandla Stenberg! I saw Marissa, your stunt double, yesterday. She said hi!

▪ Leigha Hancock: Heard Michael Buble today & for some reason could only hear your voice, Alexander Ludwig... Lol, I wonder why that is?!

▪ Ian Nelson: Good morning everyone! Great day ahead with maybe a pick-up game with Dayo Okeniyi, Alexander Ludwig, Mark Reardon and Jack Quaid.

▪ Kalia Prescott: [Till Amandla Stenberg] I love you! Xoxo.
▪ Amandla Stenberg: I love you too!
▪ Kalia Prescott: Aw, I'm re-reading "The Hunger Games" and I just got to the part where you die!  I was like "Nooo! Stupid Marvel!" Just kidding,  I ♡ you Jack!

▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Great workout with the boys. Now its time for a super hot shower and dinner! But this weather is not looking 'walk around downtown friendly'.

29 juni:

▪ Ian Nelson: Dinner with Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid... Wow! Funny!

▪ Dayo Okeniyi: I love you [Leven Rambin] for bringing this video [länk] into my life! I've been laughing my ass off uncontrollably for the past hour!

▪ Jack Quaid: Dayo Okeniyi "Screw jail, man I am NEVER going"

▪ Kalia Prescott: Thanks for the follow! Miss you!
▪ Samuel Tan: Right back at you. Miss you too!

▪ Elizabeth Banks: T Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman are both doing the music for "Hunger Games" Yes please! Effie needs a theme song.

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30 juni [idag]:

▪ Alexander Ludwig: Nice day for a run! [Bild 1]

▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Its all good! Over 2000 followers, 90% of which are the best "Hunger Games" fans EVER! Love you all. Aren't "Hunger Games" fans the greatest?!

▪ Jack Quaid: Just did an open mic in downtown Asheville. Great crowd. Hope to do stand up again soon.
▪ Alexander Ludwig: Yeeah baby.
▪ Jacqueline Emerson: You didn't tell me! By the way, getting to the mean potatoes of inception, hahaha.

▪ Isabelle Fuhrman: Beautiful day today!

▪ Alexander Ludwig: A little guitar action. [Bild 2]

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