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Den andra twittersummeringen med de mindre skådespelarnas mer eller mindre relevanta tweets kommer här. Alla "twitternamn" är utbytta till skådespelarnas riktiga namn. Har du inte riktigt koll på vem som spelar vem, kolla in karaktärssidan [länk].

Summeringen startar där den förra [länk] slutade, alltså den 21 juni fram till igår. Datumen kan vara en dag fel enligt twitter eftersom tidszonerna är olika, men jag tror att det ska vara korrekt till största delen i alla fall.

21 juni:

▪ Tara Macken: Here we go again! And man, hotel cookies are too good to say no to!
▪ Jack Quaid: Late to bed, early to rise...
▪ Leven Rambin: I'm up and at em!
▪ Leigha Hancock: Whoop whoop, let's get it started!

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Hot Tub Time. We livin'.

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22 juni:

▪ Tara Macken: Hey guys, follow my friend and co-star Alexander Ludwig, he wears pretty awesome shades!

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Super bad alergic reaction today.
▪ Tara Macken: You were a super trooper regardless!

▪ Isabelle Fuhrman: At the gym with Alexander Ludwig and Mark Reardon. Pumping iron.
▪ Tara Macken: Nice! Get it you machine!

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Feelin better today... Super hot, gettin' skinny in the sun, lol.
▪ Tara Macken: I love this weather! Bring it!

▪ Tara Macken: If a Teddy bear had a six pack, that would be Chris Mark! Ripped.

▪ Ian Nelson: Wow! Had a wonderful day with my buds Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid and also stomping the yard with Leven Rambin... Good Times.
▪ Ian Nelson: Oh, I forgot Jacqueline Emerson and Isabelle Fuhrman... Haha!

▪ Jack Quaid: Alexander Ludwig leaves the greatest messages at 6 AM.

▪ Jack Quaid: [Till Dayo Okeniyi] And I never break the bo-code.
▪ Ian Nelson: No you don't! Haha! Thanks for keeping it.
▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Hell no we don't! Bro code for life Ian Nelson! But that fake out had your face soo red! Lol.
▪ Ian Nelson: Wasn't funny... But man! Haha! I thought you did it... Faked out.

▪ Isabelle Fuhrman: That is a lot of sushi! Mark Reardon, Alexander Ludwig, Jacqueline Emerson. Epic win. [Bild 1]

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Look what we found at work today. [Bild 2]

Weren't you scared of it?
▪ Jeremy Marinas: Lol no, it wasn't big enough to be afraid of.

What did you guys do with after finding it?
▪ Jeremy Marinas: Pet it then let it go.

Have you gotten injured while filming?
▪ Alexander Ludwig: Yes!

Were you a fan of the books before getting the role of Cato in "The Hunger Games"?
▪ Alexander Ludwig: Yes, I was a huuuuuuge fan before being cast.

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23 juni:

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Haven't had one of these since probably middle school... Thanks to Ethan Jamieson for helping me relive my childhood. [Bild 1]

▪ Jeremy Marinas: Sprained ankle today. Always something... Rawr! Still more running to do.

▪ Tara Macken: Date night with Leigha Hancock and Kara Petersen! Nothing like red velvet cupcakes! [Bild 2]

24 juni:

▪ Alexander Ludwig: If I have over 10000 followers by july 15th at 9 PM EST, I will skype with the first 3 Skype names that are tweeted to me. Good luck.

▪ Leven Rambin: Children are the best acting coaches. So unjaded. I love you Amandla Stenberg and Jacqueline Emerson!
▪ Amandla Stenberg: I love you too! My job was easy though - not much to coach when you're working with Miss Leven Rambin.
▪ Jacqueline Emerson: I love you too Leven. And for the record, Amandla and I didn't have much to do.

▪ Tara Macken: [Till Jeremy Marinas] Your name gets around buddy! [Bild ovan]
▪ Jeremy Marinas: Haha, where did you find this?

▪ Ian Nelson: Great day with Dayo Okeniyi, Jack Quaid and Leven Rambin... Wow! Haha! I pranked Jack! Haha! Love it! Dinner now!
▪ Jack Quaid: Ian Nelson is the prankster of the week.

▪ Dayo Okeniyi: Having the best night in NC!

Annie Thurman [Distrikt 9] frågestund:

How did you get your role in "The Hunger Games"?
▪ How I got my roll. Umm, origianlly i auditioned for Clove and they called me wanting me for District 9.
▪ A little let down that i didn't get Clove until I saw the girl that got it. Then fans started arriving and made this year the best.

When do you start filming?
The main tributes that last till the end are filming. I don't film until August.

What exact date do you guys begin?
I'm not quite sure yet.

Have you read all three "The Hunger Games" books? And... if you have, which one is your favorite? O! And, Peeta or Gale?
Yes. The first one is my favorite. And Peeta.

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