Tid: 13:16:34 · Datum: 2011-06-03

Fansidan Down with the Capitol har fått exklusiv information om filminspelningen i Shelby. Bland annat vilka scenes som har spelats in hittills och var, samt vad de ska fortsätta filma idag och imorgon. Nu har vi även fått veta vad det de allra flesta trodde var ett "Capitol train car" [länk] egentligen är en svävare ("hovercraft").

The latest "Hunger Games" filming updates from Shelby

▪ Filming of The Reaping completed yesterday.

▪ A majority of all filming in Shelby has been at the P&M Warehouse. In the actual warehouse, behind it, and within outdoor areas at the warehouse complex the Hall of Justice, The Hob, exterior store fronts for District 12, the train station, and other District 12 areas have been constructed. Some office space in Shelby has also been used for interior shots (for Katniss’s meetings with family and friends following The Reaping, prior to her departure from District 12).

▪ The entire Hob was outfitted and dressed with items from around Cleveland County. Set designers scoured local antique shops and thrift stores, buying items for the various Hob vendors from local shops.

▪ Tomorrow and Saturday will feature filming of Katniss returning to District 12 following The Hunger Games as well as more District 12 action and exterior shots.

▪ They have actually constructed a Capitol hovercraft and it will be filmed tomorrow. It will be lifted with a crane and used for filming.


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