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"The Hunger Games" cast getting along really well, despite killing each other

It's a hard knock life for the young actors starring in "The Hunger Games".

Since arriving in North Carolina to begin shooting last month, the cast has taken to their Twitter accounts to reveal pictures of their serious battle wounds, protein packed meals and love for one another.

So what did our source close to production tell us about the Hollywood cast kicking butt on set and bonding in their free time?

"A lot of the cast is doing their own stunts, or at least partial stunts." our "Hunger Games" source reveals of the action-packed flick. "The whole cast is getting along really well, which is funny because the movie is about them all trying to kill each other."


And according to another "THG" production source: "Josh [Hutcherson] is really excited about the film and having a lot of fun on-set with everyone."

But with a wrap date not too far off, "The Hunger Games" gals and guys better hurry up and get all their bonding seshes in within the next two months.

They wrap production in August." reveals our source. "Most of the cast is already there filming or will be really soon."

But good thing they're all getting along—the cast only have three more flicks of the franchise to shoot together after this one!

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