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Today Online Singapore har intervjuat Josh om "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" och nedan finns ett utdrag från intervjun. De har även lagt upp tre nya bilder [se ovan].

Just Josh-ing around

You're the only one who's made it from Journey 1 to Journey 2, what was it like being the old hand when everyone else is a newbie?
It was kind of cool. I kind of felt I had the earned my stripes a bit, being the only one remaining from the first film. But it was great experience. When I heard we were making a sequel, I got really excited and couldn't wait to see what kind of crazy stories that they conjured up.

Did you pop the DVD in to revisit yourself in the original?
Not so much. I was 14 when I shot the first one, so I've grown up a lot myself. So I kind of re-invented the character a little bit. (Laughs)

What was it like working with the legendary Michael Caine?
It was really fun. Working with Michael was what like you said - legendary. He's absolutely an icon. He's someone - obviously, as an actor - I look up to. What's really cool about it is that even though he's going on 80 years old, he still has fun. And he's still outgoing and charismatic. And for me, it's really reassuring to see that, because that's how I am! And to know that you can still be like that, even when I'm going on 80... I'm excited about that.

Did you manage to snag any acting tips or advice from him?
Not so much. It was more watching how he is as a person that really impressed me.

How grueling was it physically?
It was pretty demanding physically. It was a lot of running from things, jumping, getting taken out by weird creatures and flying around on a giant bumble bee so it was a lot of work. And it was quite a lot of green screen as well but it was green screen integrated with reality, so it was very physically demanding shoot. Yes, you had to use your imagination and in that situation, you just can't hold back, you have to go for it.

Did you guys manage pull pranks on each other?
Something that we always do is that you take a long stick or branch, and stand behind far away and kind of poke their ears, so that they think there's something crawling inside their brain. So they will always freak out and try and get it out of their heads, so that was pretty funny. That's our biggest practical joke. The thing is with Dwayne being there, he's such a giant goofball! He's always just being funny like saying funny things and just making jokes. It was overall a really fun experience.

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