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Josh Hutcherson hasn't seen the latest "Hunger Games" images

So what are a few things fans can do to pass the time while they wait for the film to come out?
"A few, okay. Get prepared, it's exciting. I know that much," Josh told us at the press day for his other upcoming adventure flick, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." "I don't know, I think maybe fans should think about what they would do in the Hunger Games and maybe send it to one of the fan sites, try to start that thing and talk about their strategies and what they would do to survive."

Continuing on to the rumors we've heard about Gale's role having been expanded in the film versus what it is in the book, Josh said he thinks it's a great and necessary change.

"It's hard because [in the book] Katniss in her internal monologue talks about her feelings for Gale and for Peeta and whatnot, and in the movie we're not going to have her narrating the whole thing so therefore we're going to have to cut back to the District," Josh explained. "They kind of cut back to [Gale] in the District watching the Games to show what he's going through while she's fighting in the Games."

Finally, what does Josh think of all those great photos that have been released? Particularly the latest one that shows Katniss and Peeta in their sleek black pre-"on fire" outfits at the opening of the Games? Turns out Josh is a bit out of the loop on this one, as he claimed he doesn't look at anything on the interwebs these days.

"I don't go online or anything like that. I don't have a Facebook or Twitter, so I don't even know what's happening in the world of the internet," he said. After we explained to him what was in the photo, he did offer up the unsurprising details that the "on fire" scene was one of the most memorable scenes of the production.

"That [was] amazing," he said. "That was a really fun scene to shoot."

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