Tid: 18:21:20 · Datum: 2012-01-24
Hollywood Outbreak har lagt upp en kort ljudfil där Josh pratar om hur han ser på folk som tycker negativt om castingen för "The Hunger Games". Klicka på bilderna nedan för att lyssna på klippet.

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"Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson not worried about negative reactions

I don't read a lot of stuff online... I think for me it’s, everybody’s going to have their opinion, and especially when you have such a beloved book like this, people want to see it done right. And what we have to keep in mind is that Gary Ross was hired by the studio and the studio was working with Suzanne Collins because they all have a united kind of vision for the project. So having Suzanne involved in that process I think helped a lot. And having her come out and say the things she did about the casting process, for me I think, really gave me a vow of confidence as well as the audience I think.

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