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På grund av att jag inte hittat en YouTube-version än, så får ni läsa intervjun nedan istället fram tills jag hittar en.

Josh Hutcherson has seen "a good little bit" of "Hunger Games"

At Wednesday night's (January 11) People's Choice Awards, MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with presenter Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta Mellark. He revealed that he has actually seen some of the finished film via his Automated Dialogue Recording sessions (wherein actors re-record certain sections of dialogue in order to improve the quality of the audio).

"I did ADR yesterday, actually. I saw a good little bit of the film yesterday; it looks good," he assured. "I'm really excited. The music is insane. The sound design, the editing, everything is amazing. It's coming together great."

Hutcherson said the first scene of competition in the actual Hunger Games - which, for those unfamiliar with the bestselling book upon which the movie is based, is a fight to the death among children - is going to blow people's minds in the best way possible.

"The scene with the cornucopia, where we all first rush in to get the weapons and whatnot, the way [director Gary Ross] has that scored and cut looks so amazing," he shared. "I can't wait for people to see it."

Hutcherson added that, despite the film's PG-13 rating, Ross hasn't watered down the brutality and bloodshed from Suzanne Collins' book.

Regarding how the flick gets around showing all the gore, Hutcherson teased, "Gary Ross does it. I can't give it away, but he does it. It's a little trick. It looks great, and it still has the brutality that the book had, while being PG-13."


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