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Josh and Vanessa take a journey

You spent two hours with fans at the Aussie premiere of your film "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island".
Josh: It was quite a long, ah, journey. I've never had fans be more nice and so genuinely meaning 'thank you' when they said it.


Josh, do you get the impression the business would like to keep you as the Zathura or Bridge to Terabithia boy forever?
Josh: They're OK with us growing up. Since I first started, my goal was to act forever. I knew the transition from child actor into adult actor is one that not everyone gets the luxury of making and some fizzle out. It's about finding the right scripts, doing things that are different, not getting typecast.

Will you still be doing it when you're pushing 80, like your "Journey 2" co-star Michael Caine?
Josh: For sure. Seeing him on set, young at heart and free-spirited, it's cool to know that even when I'm older and grown-up, I can still act that way.
Vanessa: This is what we love doing, so why stop what you're doing just because of age?

Did you ask Sir Michael to adopt you?
Vanessa: We did!
Josh: We asked if we could be his grandchildren, and I think he said ... 'No'. (Laughs) No, he was definitely on board.

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Riktigt snygg design! ;) Har du tumblr? ;)
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Elsa: Tack! Ja, det finns en länk i menyn till höger under nätverk. :)
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